Storytelling Storytelling Learn how stories are structured, how to create new ones, and how to use effectively one of the most effective tools in speechwriting and persuasion.
Educational Speeches Educational Speeches Deliver compelling, entertaining and illuminating educational speeches on the most complex subjects.
Against All Odds Against All Odds Learn to handle all sorts of failures and situations during a speech.
Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs Public Speaking for Entrepreneurs From pitching your idea to speaking to investors - learn how to communicate as an Entrepreneur to make your startup successful
Broadcast Media Broadcast Media Speaking for interviews, radio, tv and internet streaming.
Public Speaking in Business Contexts Public Speaking in Business Contexts Everything about speaking in business contexts - from basic reports to corporate keynote speeches.
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking From detecting fallacies to being a formidable debater - critical thinking will help you professionally like no other path.
Dramatization Dramatization From dramatic reading to acting - explore all the nuances of theatrical performance.
Visual Storytelling Visual Storytelling Learn to create compelling visual stories for the modern world.
Humorous Speeches Humorous Speeches Humour can not only lighten up any situation, but it can also turn the tables around in a desperate business situation.
Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal Skills Develop your interpersonal skills - from speaking to strangers to creating long-lasting relationships.
Project Management Project Management Learn to design and manage projects to a successful outcome.
Leadership Leadership Become a successful leader that inspires others.
Public Relations Public Relations Learn to communicate with the media, write press releases and promote your ideas.
Negotiation Negotiation Learn how to negotiate and create win-win outcomes that satisfy everyone involved.
Persuasive Speeches Persuasive Speeches Learn to persuade and move people to action.
Special Occasion Speeches Special Occasion Speeches Learn to deliver acceptance, presentation and many other special kinds of speeches.
Advertising Advertising Learn to promote ideas, products and services
Investigative Writing Investigative Writing Learn to research and investigate hot topics